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Get the status of an order / Report a problem with an order.
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At any time you can:

  • Request a confirmation of your order if you are not sure the transaction completed correctly or you need a copy of the invoice. When paying with PayPal, your purchase will be described on one or two lines only. You will not see the whole content of your shopping cart but the total amount is correct. This is completely normal. Note that it can take up to 24 hours before your order is processed and verified. If you place an order during the weekend, the email confirmation won't be sent before Monday. Request a confirmation of your order or a copy of the invoice.

Before your order is shipped you can:

After your order was shipped you can:

  • Request the status of your order if the shipping delay is over the expected delivery time in the shipping table below. Continue..
  • Return products for a partial or full refund (wrong product, not needed, not satisfied with quality, found elsewhere or any other reason). If the product received is badly damaged and not worth returning read the next paragraph. Return instructions..
  • Request instructions because the product received is damaged. Do not return or discard until you are instructed to do so. Keep the box for possible inspection by the shipping company for insurance claim. Continue..
  • Request a refund because you never received the order and the shipping delay is well over the delivery time suggested in the shipping table below. Continue..
  • The fastest way to exchange a part for another is to re-order the correct part from the web site right now and return the wrong product for a refund.

For all other questions regarding your order click here..

Return Instructions

Refund Information

  • Orders are refunded after receiving the product, and the product is returned in good condition
  • The refund is processed via PayPal and you will receive an e-mail confirming the refund and the amount refunded.
  • Allow up to 30 days after you shipped the parts back for the refund to be processed.
  • From the time you receive the refund confirmation e-mail, it can take up to 5 business days before the refund shows up on your credit card statement.
  • The maximum amount we can refund is the amount you spent at VLVworld. In no case we will refund extra expenses you might have engaged, for example the cost of having the part installed or inspected by a technician, or the cost of using Express delivery service.

Shipping Information

Shipping Method - Delivery time - Tracking Number
Type of Part
Shipped from
Shipping Method
Tracking number supplied
Delivery Time to continental USA*
New Parts for 1975 and later models including 240, 740, 940, 850, V70, S60, .. Chicago, Illinois
  • UPS Standard
  • US mail (small items)
  • Yes for UPS shipments
  • No for mail shipments
  • 2 to 5 business days
    New Parts for vintage models including the 544, 122, 1800, 140, 164 Series North Charleston, South Carolina
  • UPS Standard
  • US Mail
  • Yes for UPS shipments
  • No for mail shipments
  • 2 to 8 business days

    • Delivery times are approximate and are not guaranteed.
    • We do not guarantee you will get a tracking number to track your order.
    • If you ordered different type of parts, for example parts for a Volvo 850 and for a Volvo 1800, the parts might be shipped from 2 different locations, as detailed in the table above. In that case you might receive only a portion of your order and receive the rest later from a different supplier. On the shipping confirmation Email you will read a notice "this order was split.."
    • If it occurs that we no longer have the part you purchased in stock, you will receive a refund notification by e-mail from PayPal.
    • When your order is shipped you will be notified by an email containing the shipment details and possibly a tracking number (see table above)

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