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Catalog Format


When an image containing more than one item is displayed, the item number gives the position of the part in the image. Note that the images usually don't show exactly all the products listed below. In many cases the image is a general representation of the part category listed below, intended to help you find what you are looking for faster. For example, we put only one picture or icon of a spark plug and list below all the spark plugs we carry in stock.  If you see a picture item not listed in the table, unfortunately we don't have it in stock anymore, or it could be listed in another category.

Part Description

Short text description of the part. Some parts are hard to describe and various English terms are used to designate the same thing. Please ask for any clarification.

LEFT side is the DRIVER side in North America.
RIGHT side is the PASSENGER side in North America.


The model(s) on which the part was originally fitted.  Some examples are explained in the table below. To learn about the different models, trim levels, engine combination, and how many were produced, visit the VOLVO Models Information page.To know more about your specific car, for example what type of engine you have, please visit the Vehicle Identification Plates page.

Model What it means
  when nothing is written in the "model" column, the part will fit ALL models
242 fits the 242 model ONLY, i.e. 200 series 2 door models
242,244 fits both the 242 and 244 models (2 and 4 doors 200 Series)
B230 fits any model with the B230 engine, including B230F and B230FT Turbo
M46 fits any model with the M46 transmission
Cibie the part is made by Cibie and will fit all models that originally came with a Cibie part
Sedan fits all sedans, cars with 2 or 4 doors (not station wagon)
Wagon fits the station wagon


Applicable years during which the part was originally fitted by VOLVO. The table below shows a few examples. Get more information about the production years of your car ...

Year What it means
  When nothing is written in the "year" column, the part will fit ALL years
-80 the part fits cars produced up to 1980, INCLUDING 1980
81-85 the part fits cars produced from 1981 to 1985, INCLUDING 1981 and 1985
86- the part fits cars produced from 1986 and after, INCLUDING 1986
82 the part fits only cars produced in 1982

Part Number

Identification number of the part. It is either the original VOLVO part number or a number we invented.

Type - Part Condition

New Aftermarket Parts (NEW):

  • New parts are aftermarket parts built by an independent manufacturer like NGK, Bosch, Scantech, Swedish Car Parts and others. Sometimes they are exactly the same parts you would get from a VOLVO dealer. For example Bosch ignition parts come in a Bosch box instead of a VOLVO box, but they are exactly the same.
  • New Parts are guaranteed for 1 year


  • New OEM parts are genuine VOLVO replacement parts supplied by an authorized VOLVO dealer. They are OEM original VOLVO parts and exactly the same as the part you would get from your dealer. They usually are shipped in the original blue VOLVO box.
  • New parts are guaranteed for 1 year.





  • We do not ship to Canada or any other country anymore, sorry !

Finding what is the problem with your car and the part required to fix it

This web site is operated as a self-serve vending machine. In the past we tried helping customers troubleshooting their cars by exchanging emails and phone calls. However we reached the conclusion that just like a doctor, we can't be efficient and professional without seeing the "patient". If you phone your local repair shop they will have the same answer "bring it in and we will have a look at it". Also like any other car part store, we can't provide advice on how to install the part, technician are there to do this job.

Let say that following our advice a customer purchases and replaces a part on his car but it doesn't fix the problem. The customer will typically pretend it is our fault, even if we never saw the car and he could have mis-described the problem, and will request a full refund, including the shipping costs. At the end, we are being guilty of trying to help and we loose money!

Where you can go for help: