About Us

Our mission is to build knowledge about VOLVO parts and help VOLVO owners fix their car by supplying quality parts at the best price possible. We have a lot of pleasure meeting other VOLVO owners and we are proud to help upgrading and keeping VOLVOs on the road. On the web since 1997, VLVworld.com is owned and managed by Stephane Lapointe, an engineer and certified VOLVO nut!


The idea of creating a virtual VOLVO parts store emerged from my own experience shopping for car parts. Back in 1995 I was restoring a 1968 VOLVO 122s and found it very difficult to find good used parts, even from the VOLVO specialists. I ended buying a second complete car just for a few items I really needed. The complete car was cheaper then the price asked by the VOLVO dealer for these few items ! Of course I got stuck with much more than I could use and started to place ads on various Internet sites and mailing lists to clear my garage and help other people with the same problem. The amazing response from fellow VOLVO owners convinced me to develop the concept and VolvoWorld.com finally started operating on May 1st 1997. The web site was renamed VLVworld.com on February 15th 2004 after VOLVO started legal procedures to grab the name.

Our Goal

After continuous web site development, VLVworld.com now offers a complete range of aftermarket, used and new OEM VOLVO parts for most VOLVO models sold in North America. Growing rapidly with over 3000 visitors per day on average, we are still improving the web site and signing new alliances with parts suppliers from all over the world.  Our goal is to offer the best quality products at an affordable price.  We have a lot of pleasure meeting other VOLVO owners and we are proud to help upgrading and keeping VOLVOs on the road.

Customers and Location

We have a registry of over 50,000 customers from every region of North America. The vast majority of our customers are from the USA, with a good share on the west coast, where VOLVOs and internet shopping are both very popular.

Our parts suppliers are shipping your order directly to you; we have suppliers on the East Coast, Mid-West and West Coast. The origin of you order and exactly how long it will take to receive the box depends on the parts you order. For example the headlights, corner lights and taillights are shipped from the Chicago IL area. Also most mechanical and tune up parts are shipped from Chicago. Parts for the classic models such as the 1800, 544, 122 are shipped from N. Charleston, South Carolina. New OEM VOLVO parts and used parts are shipped from Montreal.

We encourage customers to join the VOLVO Club of America to meet other VOLVO owners and get more information about VOLVO driving in general.

Contact us by email at service@vlvworld.com